Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wake Up Google

Geeezz, I Google the word "severance" today, and what does it show? The first "page" is all links relating to the new movie, save one link which is "Riley", and that is all about executive severance. Something is wrong here when a search engine the size of Google can't differentiate between entertainment and real life circumstances, when it prioritizes movies and highly paid executives over the real people in the workforce. You know the ones who actually do the work. Real people are getting hammered every day for being loyal, hard working employees, and the largest search engine highlights a Hollywood product and executive benefits. What about the real know, those folks who are the human side of human capital, those folks who management looks at as being "expendible", those folks who define reality in this country, those folks who can't go more than two pay periods without a paycheck before they're in trouble.

Where am I going with these ramblings? I'll tell you where. There's got to be a better way to deal with the loss of your job than receiving what we know as severance. Believe me, I'm dealing with the problem. Just like another over 1.25 million professional, administrative and white collar workers with three years of job tenure with the same employer, I'm out of work, earning nothing and picking up part time work just to make ends meet. Sure as hell my former employer doesn't care. There's only two people that wife and me.

In the perfect world what should the best severance alternative be? Maybe one that gets Google's attention, so it can stop pushing movies and executive benefits to the surface. PEOPLE need real resources. It's time to focus on those. People (the real workers...the middle class) are the backbone of this country and they are being used as currency for corporate growth, fired when it fits the priorities of the corpoartion, given severance to shut them up and ushered out the door with a hollow, "We're terribly sorry, but your services are no longer needed. Sign here and we'll give you a check."

It short severance needs to be more than just money. It needs to provide some income while you find a new job AND it helps you find that new job. The new severance I am thinking about needs to address BOTH the human and capital sides of human capital.

More later.


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