Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Service Severance

Service severance...what do you suppose that really means? In my world that means benefits that you would receive after you have been fired...not in lieu of cash benefits but IN ADDITION TO cash benefits. Service severance benefits (and I strongly differentiate these from outplacement) have to be accountable, ie. the provider doesn't get paid unless there is a result that directly benefits YOU, e.g. you receive training or you find a new job. But what could some of those benefits be? The obvious one is training. But training just to learn a new skill does not necessarily lead to a new job. Targeted training leads to a new job. Another benfit could be assistance in identifying the job market. I don't mean going to and plugging in your resume. That doesn't identify the active job markets. It just trolls your resume through the electronic universe. In my book, kind of like buying a lottery ticket, especially when you realize how many job boards are out there and how many of those are specialized, so that a generalist board may not even be sourced by a company looking for a specific skill. Remember! Companies hire skills and fire people. When you're looking for a job, you are selling your skills!

Do you suppose there's a way to turn the tables on your looking for a job?

We'll talk in the morning.


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