Thursday, June 14, 2007

Turning the Tables

How could the system possibly be turned to your advantage? Right now, you sit down, go on-line, read the newspapers' classified, go to industry publications specific to your training and identify possible advertised job opportunities and network as best you can. Then you either e-mail or mail your resume to companies that are trolling or you think are trolling for a certain skill that you could provide.

The Monster's of the world try to help you out and let you post your resume on their site, so that hiring companies can punch in a few key words and if you're lucky enough to have one of them in your resume, you might make it through to where someone actually reads your resume. Again, kind of like buying a lottery ticket.

Maybe the old concept of employment company isn't so broken. Outdated, certainly...but not broken. What is missing from my point of view is real accountability and advocacy. Do you suppose there's a chance something like that could be created using the power of the internet?
Maybe it's a hybrid high tech/low tech kind of business model.

I've got some ideas along those lines. Think "collective advocacy".

More later.


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