Thursday, June 14, 2007

Collective Advocacy

Collective Advocacy = Collective Wisdom

My mind is wandering...collective advocacy, collective wisdom, collective bargaining, mutual benefit. Remember, we are talking about service severance. What is the best approach to supporting displaced workers? Is there a way to harness the collective horsepower of the unemployed?

Is there something to be learned from the mutual insurance company approach, i.e., the policyholders are the stockholders. They have a stake in the product delivered and the success of it.

If employers are looking at us as expendible currency, then what's wrong with involving ourselves in the underlying value of that currency. It would seem to me that collectively we have a lot more to gain than trying to go it alone.

Do me a favor and think on this for a couple of days while I go out on a contract job and try to put a few bucks in my pocket.


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