Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr. Gore, Maybe you'll listen

I'd like to go back to what I have defined as Service Severance (please see some of my earlier blogs). If financial severance needs to be bolstered by service severance, what do I mean by service severance?

Service severance is the answer to the reality that financial severance pays the bills (for a while), but service severance finds a new job. All financial severance a stop gap measure that prolongs the inevitable; financial severance is likely to run out before you find a new job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics would probably disagree pointing out that statistically unemployment duration isn't significantly greater today than it was yesterday, last month, last year. The problem with their data is that it doesn't measure the quality of a new job. Is it at the same salary as the lost job? Is it on the same shift as the last job? Is it within the same hourly commute as your last job on a similar mode of transportation.

What this discussion begins to open up is the real underlying value of service manage what I would call job quality.


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