Thursday, June 7, 2007


OK, I've moaned a bit over the last couple of days about how corporations perceive their employees. I've taken the position that mangement considers its employees as capital, not as people. I've taken the position that currency (money) is expendible. Duh! I've taken the position that corporate counsel and corporate HR types have opposing responses to the question, "Why severance?"

If you agree with me, good for you, but what does that get you...ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! It's time to take control of your own destiny. It is FACT (assuming you fit within the averages)that you are going to have over three jobs in your lifetime. It is FACT that the majority of you will not voluntarily leave those jobs. You'll get fired. Oh excuse me; in HR-speak you get displaced.

The way I see it, in order to be displaced someone has to push you aside. Remember, corporations hire skills and fire people. What's going to push you aside is new expendible currency (people) that better fits the immediate needs of the employer.

The corporations are looking out for themselves. Who's looking out for the people?

I wonder how the displaced Citibank people are feeling. Anybody looking out for them?


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