Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It really is reality!

Just ask the folks from Citibank or ATT or Pfizer or The Hartford whether it's reality or not. Over 30,000 of them are...or will be...dealing with reality. No job. No income. Financial obligations...mortgages, rent, tuition payments, credit card bills, car payments, FOOD. The average American can't go 30 days without receiving a paycheck.

Since most workers are no longer represented by unions, who's looking out for them? Who's making sure that severance packages are intelligent solutions to the reality of job loss? Absolutely no one. The American worker is on his/her own. Figure it out, folks. It's reality. There's nobody out there on your side...EXCEPT YOU.

But there should be. Let me know what you think is/would be your greatest priority if you lost your job. Income? Assistance finding a new job? Access to upgrading your skill set? What? I'm interested.


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