Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Severance Insurance

I believe I've developed a fairly strong case for the assumption that there is a reasonable consensus that the idea of severance insurance isn't so far-fetched. Then why has the outplacement world been so quiet? Are they worried about upsetting their apple cart? Do they prefer to fly under the radar? I don't think so. Just about every time an outplacement firm is quoted in a major publication, it's someone from Challenger Gray & Christmas...see http://www.challengergray.com/ or maybe it's the guys from Drake Beam Morin...see http://www.dbmcareerservices.com/.

Their lack of attention to the issue is probably driven by the same reason that mine was...it simply wasn't on their radar screen. A little bit surprising since their client bases have displaced tens of thousands of employees over the last eight to ten years. But their business model had nothing to do with funding benefits, so I guess it's not so surprising. As I understand it, they position themselves between the displacing corporation and displaced employee to provide the employee with what their industry deems as post-employment support, i.e., developing job search skills.

If that's the case, their business certainly doesn't focus on the mechanisms of funding severance nor does it focus on actually being accountable for finding displaced workers new jobs.

So they certainly can't be accused of ignoring severance. It's just not on their bandwidth. It just comes along with the displaced workers who cycle through their systems.

I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that if there is someone out there in the severance insurance space, they don't have a lot of company.


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