Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Severance Insurance

It must mean something, because www.severanceinsurance.com is now in the top spot when you Google "severance insurance", and I'm pissed, because up until now good ol' willy has been up there. So who's looking at the site? It sure doesn't look particularly special. But it does make a point and get all of the information across. and given its position on Google more than a few people are looking at it.

If nothing else, the severance insurance guys have got themselves on the map. So whyt haven't we heard, or better yet why can't I find anything material about it other than on their website? Maybe the reason it is flying under the radar is that corporations are using their captives as a way of securing the insurance so it doesn't hit the obvious radar screens. I'll bet I'm pretty close on that one...like I have been on a few other things.

Good on me! The problem is I still haven't found a job and that sucks.


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