Thursday, October 11, 2007

Severance Insurance

Geeeezus! Out of nowhere there has appeared within the last few days a new website called Do you think this is just a little bit ironic that this has appeared 90 days or so after I started pushing on the whole concept of severance insurance?

The introduction of this website, if nothing else, confirms my suspicion that someone is out there who happens to think that severance insurance is an economic (and possibly human) option to current severance funding practice. It also confirms through its content that I was right; whoever is doing it has the attention of some of the big boys in the insurance world.

My read is that the people behind this website know what they're doing. They don't tell you who they are. They don't name a broker. They don't name a carrier. They don't want to...nor do they need to. They're probably letting the big boys do their blocking and tackling.

The fact that they don't even try to brand severance insurance, underscores their cocky ass attitude and their sophistication. They obviously know that their chances for succesful branding (albeit not under their name) are far more likely, quickly and profitably to occur if the major players in the insurance universe establish severance insurance as a different way for large corporations to deal with how to fund severance. And after all, if they're nothing more than the brains behind the concept, why would they want to create what already exists on the distribution and risk taking sides...and then compete against them?

This is all really starting to get interesting. I've got my suspicions who the players are, but before I open my mouth and get my butt in trouble, I think I'll make sure I know what I'm talking about.

Stay tuned.


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